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Transform your gym with a Android and iOS app crafted by Platfio. We specialise in creating affordable, potent, and user-friendly apps for gyms. The best part? Your personalised gym app will be ready in under a week. Dive into the digital age with Platfio and see your gym’s engagement soar!

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Why Custom Apps?

Custom apps are today's benchmark for exceptional customer experience. Consider this: every leading company has its own app. Take Facebook, for example – isn't the app more convenient and engaging than the website? Apps enhance customer interaction and streamline business operations. Now, we're bringing this gold-standard directly to every industry making custom apps not just a luxury, but an accessible tool for your success.Gym App.

Affordable Pricing

Get ready to be amazed with our collection of incredible starter templates, crafted just for you!

Can’t find exactly what you need in our templates? Don’t worry! Explore our platform builds where the sky’s the limit. With us, custom features beyond the template offerings are just a thought away – quickly and easily tailored to your vision.

What Can Your App Do?

Boost Your Booking Efficiency and Volume

Easily manage bookings for classes, personal training, and events with our user-friendly system, ready to use right away.

Simplify Membership Payments

Enhance your customers’ workout experience with complete flexibility, while minimizing paperwork through our streamlined payment management feature.

Boost Your Sales of Merchandise, Passes, and Gift Cards

Enhance your sales by displaying products with high-quality images, comprehensive descriptions, and pricing details. Offer personalized recommendations anytime, anywhere to boost customer engagement.

Gather and Deliver Information Tailored to Customer Needs

Empower your customers to track their fitness progress and provide valuable insights into their interactions using advanced analytics.

Streamline Client Communication

Enable effortless, direct communication between your gym and clients for sharing updates, gathering feedback, sending appointment reminders, or responding to customer inquiries.

Workout Progress Tracking

Efficiently prescribe plans and monitor client progress, from workout achievements to health advancements, enhancing client engagement and satisfaction.

Take a look at our pricing table below. It shows all the features you get with each plan for your app.

Why Platfio?

Your go-to platform for custom app development, akin to a modern-day WordPress but for apps! We've unveiled a series of starter templates tailored for popular businesses, including gyms. These templates provide an instant, industry-specific app solution. Plus, they come with endless possibilities for customization and growth, ensuring your app can evolve with your business.Gym App

Don’t Settle For A Cookie Cutter App

Empowering businesses to break free from generic, ‘cookie-cutter’ apps by offering customized solutions that reflects your unique brand and specific business needs.

Ready in Less Than 1 Week!

Get your Platfio app up and running in just 1 week! Fast, efficient, and tailored to your needs.

Ever Evolving Looks & Features

We regularly update your app, ensuring it stays ahead with the latest features and optimizations for an ever-improving user experience.

Extensive Lessons and Support

We provide comprehensive lessons and dedicated support, ensuring you have the knowledge and assistance needed to maintain and enhance your app effectively.


Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

Experience the unexpected benefits of building your app with Platfio! Place your brand directly on your customers’ home screens. Imagine the power of integrating push notifications, email, and SMS into customizable, split-testable autoresponders. These not only streamline your CRM segmentation for future marketing but also drive more sales, more consistently, and more efficiently.

Push Notifications


Reach customers with Push

Instant customer engagement and high conversion rates.


1m ago

Reach customers with SMS

Direct delivery, high open rates and quick responses.


2m ago

Reach customers with email

Personalized content, cost-effective and nurtures long-term relationships.

One Simple System

Every app includes a powerful CRM and POS that works out-of-the-box. Automatically collecting valuable data and improving efficiency.

Unlimited Potential

Your app can integrate into anything and implement any feature. Platfio doesn't limit you, we empower you with simple and powerful tools.

Automate For Efficiency

Improve efficiency in your business with Platfio automations. In your app virtually anything is automate-able.

Inspired Wellbeing

Inspired Wellbeing is a mental health clinic based in South Australia. They provide counselling services to a variety of key niches and deliver online services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our plans and templates do have user limits with price differences. For example, if your app’s users grow exponentially from 500, when you start your business, to 10,000+ this requires much larger servers. Hence there are sometimes cost differences depending on the plan you have selected. That said, we never charge more based on the number of staff you have. We recognise that many small gyms rely on casual or contractor staff that only do a few hours a week.

We recognise that depending on the stage your business is at you may need to offer very generous cancellation terms in order to grow, or if your business is already quite busy you may be inclined to make your cancellation terms more onerous. Platfio bookable controls give you an amazing amount of control over this, and every other aspect of your bookings.

It’s easy to integrate your app with Stripe for payment processing. You will set up and own your own stripe account and simply paste the API keys into your app. When a user purchases through your app the money will appear in your Stripe account immediately and will generally be paid out into your bank account on a 3-day rolling basis according to Stripe terms and conditions.

Absolutely! Platfio supports a wide variety of integrations, including many popular membership management systems. That said, most gyms find the membership management and payments system in Platfio to provide a better experience for customers and staff by combining everything into one system.

With Platfio, you have complete control over your app’s content and can easily make updates as needed. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly, so you can change the class schedule, add new instructor profiles, update your gym’s operating hours, and more without needing any technical expertise.

Yes, Platfio supports the integration of stripe into your app. Combined with our eCommerce and Bookings system, this allows you to sell class packages, gym merchandise, personal training sessions, and more directly through your app. It provides a convenient and streamlined shopping experience for your members.

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