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Features & Benefits

Here’s why you need a
Custom App for your Gym

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Personalised Gym Member Experience

Enhance engagement with a custom app that caters directly to your gym members’ needs, from personalised fitness plans to interactive class bookings.

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Streamlined Gym Management

Simplify gym management tasks with a gym app designed for your gym’s unique workflow, enabling efficient scheduling, payments, marketing, and member tracking.


Competitive Edge
for your Gym

Stand out in the gym industry with a custom gym app that showcases your gym’s brand, services, and community, helping you attract and retain members.

Gym App Development Cost

Choose Your Gym App Pricing Plan

Explore our range of custom app plans to boost your gym’s presence and engage your community. All the tools your fitness business needs, wrapped in one.


$999 Upfront



$2,499 Upfront



$2,999 Upfront



$999 Upfront



$2,499 Upfront



$2,999 Upfront


*The ability to setup these features yourself is included in this plan. Use the Platfio editor and our simple video lessons to setup the integrations you need for your business.

Ready To Take The First Step Towards Your Gym App?

Ready to elevate your gym and attract more members and trainers? Partner with us for dynamic, user-centric gym management apps designed to engage and retain.

Gym App Integration and Automation

Gym Management with Seamless Automations

Experience unparalleled gym operational efficiency with advanced integrations and smart gym app automations. Simplify complex processes, from bookings to client tracking. Ensuring a smooth, connected experience for both your team and your gym members.

Integration Automation
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Marketing Beyond

Word of Mouth

Discover the benefits of creating your gym app with Platfio App Development. Bring your gym straight to your customers’ fingertips. Experience the impact of combining push notifications, email, and SMS into tailor-made, testable autoresponders.

Simplify your CRM segmentation for upcoming marketing campaigns; and boost your membership acquisition with reliability and consistency.

How a Platfio Gym App Can Help

Why Partner with us for your Gym App Development?

Our Melbourne-based gym app development team prides itself in building an app that’s custom made, and branded for your gym. We ensure the highest standards of software and regular updates to keep your gym app exciting, unique and functional.

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Let’s Bulk Together

Your gym members, your business and your gym app continuously grow together with continuous post-launch support and updates

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All Your Operations. Sorted.

From payments to bookings and gym member management. Manage them all from a single platform.

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Member Engagement Like Never Before

Boost retention with personalised features and continuous updates to maximise member participation and retention.

How Platfio Can Help

The Platfio Gym App Difference

Discover why gyms across Australia choose Platfio Gym Apps for their app development.

Your App gets Better Over Time!

We regularly update your gym app, ensuring it stays ahead with the latest features and optimisations for an ever-improving gym member experience.

Have your Gym Brand on Show

Empowering your Gym to break free from generic, ‘cookie cutter’ Apps by offering customised solutions that reflects your unique gym brand and specific management needs.

Manage your Gym App

We provide comprehensive lessons and dedicated support, ensuring you have the knowledge and assistance needed to maintain and enhance your custom gym app effectively.

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Affordable Gym App Development

We combine advanced tools and expert guidance to avoid the most common gym app development roadblocks. We help you stay on budget and schedule, ensuring a smooth, timely, and successful mobile app launch.

No Code App Development

Take Matters In Your Hand


Massive Savings

Choosing Platfio not only significantly reduces your app development costs by over 80% but also slashes maintenance expenses by more than 95%. Enjoy unparalleled financial efficiency without compromising on quality.


Launch Faster

With Platfio, your app reaches the market 50% quicker than traditional development methods. This speed advantage allows for faster market testing, iteration, and staying ahead of the competition.


Lower Risk

Traditional app development cost estimates are notoriously unreliable, often resulting in budget overruns. Platfio's predictable and robust system eliminates this uncertainty, offering fixed pricing and clear delivery milestones.

Our Gym App Development Process

From Idea to Launch: A Streamlined Journey Tailored for Your Gym’s Success.


Getting Started

During our initial meeting, we discuss your intended core features for your gym app and how they will integrate seamlessly with your existing business processes.


Development Phase

Following our initial discussion, one of our talented developers will begin developing your app. It usually takes one week to create a prototype.


Beta Testing

When the prototype is complete, your team will be able to test the gym app, and provide feedback for any necessary improvements.

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Feedback + Implementation

We take your feedback and suggestions thoroughly and will continue to fine-tune your gym app to match your needs.


Launch + Marketing

After perfecting your gym app, we provide you with marketing collateral and guidance in preparation for a successful launch campaign.


Successful App Handover

Receive video guides and post-launch support for your gym app management, equipping your team for success.

What Our Gym App Clients Say



“I love how easy our gym app is to use. 5 years on, I have my most junior staff member handle the whole app, it’s that easy.”

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Sam Dwyer,

Owner, Dwyer’s Boxing Club

Want More? Check Out Our
Custom App Builds

Our Australian-based app development team prides itself in building an app that’s tailor-made for your business. We ensure the highest standards of functionality and customisation to make your app engaging and unique.

platfio money back guarantee

Platfio Support and Satisfaction Guarantee

Experience dedicated support from our team, alongside our 100% satisfaction guarantee*.

Your gym’s app success is our priority.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Some of our Gym plans and template apps do have user limits with price differences. For example, if your gym app’s users grow exponentially from 500, when you start your business, to 10,000+ this requires much larger servers. Hence there are sometimes cost differences depending on the plan you have selected. That said, we never charge more based on the number of staff you have. We recognise that many small gyms rely on casual or contractor staff that only do a few hours a week.

We recognise that depending on the stage your gym is at you may need to offer very generous cancellation terms in order to grow, or if your gym is already quite busy you may be inclined to make your cancellation terms more onerous. Platfio Gym App bookable controls give you an amazing amount of control over this, and every other aspect of your bookings.

It’s easy to integrate your Gym App with Stripe for payment processing. You will set up and own your own stripe account and simply paste the API keys into your app. When a member purchases through your Gym App, the money will appear in your Stripe account immediately and will generally be paid out into your bank account on a 3-day rolling basis according to Stripe terms and conditions.

Absolutely! Platfio supports a wide variety of integrations, including many popular membership management systems. That said, most gyms find the membership management and payments system in Platfio to provide a better experience for customers and staff by combining everything into one system.

With Platfio, you have complete control over your Gym App’s content and can easily make updates as needed. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly, so you can change the class schedule, add new instructor profiles, update your gym’s operating hours, and more without needing any technical expertise.

Yes, Platfio supports the integration of Stripe into your gym app. Combined with our eCommerce and Bookings system, this allows you to sell class packages, gym merchandise, personal training sessions, and more – directly through your app. It provides a convenient and streamlined shopping experience for your members.

Have Any Questions?

Our Melbourne-based app development team is available to answer any question you may have.

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Transform your gym with a custom app that sets you apart in the gym industry. It’s your turn to lead the digital revolution in wellness.

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