Vita App

Vita is a productivity app designed to elevate your daily accomplishments. It’s a personal guide, a plan tracker, and a timer all rolled into one. Whether you’re tackling tasks, mastering goals, or simply chasing dreams, Vita is your partner when it comes to enhanced productivity and holistic well-being.


App Story

In the Vita team’s quest to create innovative productivity tools, they took a unique path by building their app on the Platfio platform.

The decision stemmed from the staggering cost estimates they received when considering alternatives like Flutter or React Native, which quoted prices exceeding 200,000 AUD.

Recognizing the need for a cost-effective solution, they turned to Platfio. This strategic move not only saved them a substantial amount of money but also allowed them to channel their resources more efficiently.


Developing a Custom App

Keep track of your goals, plans, and progress, all in one place! With Vita, easily access details on tasks, timelines, profiles, and pricing to build trust and boost your commitment.

Effortlessly track and manage your plans, revisions, and updates. No more confusion, just smooth progress that leaves you satisfied and efficient.

Set, visualize, and conquer your goals using the interactive Goals Feature. Say goodbye to scattered notes – Vita’s got your holistic productivity needs covered.

Personalize your journey with Vita’s data insights. Tailor-made plans, goal suggestions based on your progress, and exclusive rewards for consistent achievers.


What did we build?

Plan Tracker

The plan tracker feature allows users to set, monitor, and manage their goals, tasks, and progress. It provides a visual overview of their plans, helping users stay organized, focused, and accountable for achieving their objectives.


The timer feature enables users to set and track time intervals for various tasks or activities and promotes productivity by helping them manage their time effectively, stay on track, and allocate specific periods for focused work or breaks.

Badges and Achievements

This feature rewards and motivates users by recognizing their accomplishments and milestones. It encourages engagement, progress, and a sense of accomplishment as users unlock badges and complete challenges, enhancing their overall experience and encouraging continued app usage.

Push Notifications

Send alerts to users, keeping them informed about updates, reminders, and other important information. This feature ensures users stay connected and up-to-date with the app’s content and features.


What did Vita Achieve?

The Vita app was successfully launched within the target timeline and well within budget.

Continuous enhancements are made to the app to enhance user experience.

The app’s design promotes user interaction and productivity through its various features.

The user-friendly nature of the app ensures seamless utilization, assisting users in attaining their productivity goals.

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