Increase Convenience + Increase Efficiency = Increased Orders

When you build your app with Platfio App Development you can begin taking orders straight away with the apps built in Ecommerce system. Integrate your App with Stripe and being processing payments in minutes.

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Sell Products

Give your customers the most convenient shopping experience with a custom app. 

Apps sit on their home screen, remember their login details and have their payment information saved and ready to purchase over and over again.

Easy Orders

Efficiently manage orders, track the status of each order, and fulfill them seamlessly using a single platform. Update customers using app push notifications at any step along the way. Simpler for customers and staff alike.

Step 1

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ECommerce Nawaehi Payment Confirmation
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Inventory Management

Easily track inventory levels and display product availability to customers. Your app automatically manages inventory for staff and customers alike. Including restocking notifications for customers to increase sales.

Order Management

Out of the box your app has a powerful order management system that allows you to track order fulfilment through multiple stages, send customers notifications as orders progress thorugh those stages, view shipping data and track low inventory alerts.

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POS System

If your business needs to take orders over the counter or on the phone, that’s no problem with your apps built-in POS (Point of Sale) system. With Platfio App Development we can manage sales, inventory, and customer data all in one place, no matter where your customers choose to order.

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Seamless Integrations

Your app does everything you need for ECommerce, but if you rely on multiple systems, that’s no problem. Your app can integrate into any other system you use to improve efficiency, avoid double handling or potential manual errors.

Personalize Shopping Experiences!

Deliver personalized shopping experiences to each customer with our advanced ecommerce app, enhancing engagement and fostering customer loyalty.

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