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Bring your app to life with Platfio, where smart integrations meet intuitive design. Enjoy a suite of custom features, making your app not just functional but fantastic. Ready for a swift launch with Melbourne’s best? Let’s make it happen.


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No Code App Development

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Massive Savings

Choosing Platfio not only significantly reduces your app development costs by over 80% but also slashes maintenance expenses by more than 95%. Enjoy unparalleled financial efficiency without compromising on quality.


Launch Faster

With Platfio, your app reaches the market 50% quicker than traditional development methods. This speed advantage allows for faster market testing, iteration, and staying ahead of the competition.


Lower Risk

Traditional app development cost estimates are notoriously unreliable, often resulting in budget overruns. Platfio's predictable and robust system eliminates this uncertainty, offering fixed pricing and clear delivery milestones.

Realise Your Unique Business Vision

Embrace full creative freedom with a custom app that embodies your business vision, giving you the reins to steer every feature and function to align with your goals.

Tailor Made Functionality

Embrace full creative freedom with a custom app that embodies your business vision, giving you the reins to steer every feature and function to align with your goals.

Creative Control

From inception to launch, maintain autonomy over your app's design, ensuring it resonates with your brand and captivates your audience.

An App That Grows With You

Choose the features that matter most to your operation, ensuring your app not only meets but exceeds your strategic ambitions.

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Get The Best Of Both: Design & Data

Embrace the perfect blend of eye-catching design and insightful data. It’s all about striking the right balance, ensuring your app dazzles users visually while feeding you crucial analytics. Imagine an app that’s not just beautiful to look at but also smart enough to guide your business strategies. That’s the promise of combining design with data – an app that wins hearts and minds.

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Actionable Insights

Make data-driven decisions with first-hand insights.

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User-Centric Designs

App interfaces that look good and perform even better.

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Strategic Evolution

Continuously evolve your app’s design and data capabilities.

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Future Proof Concept

Build an app that adapts to future trends and user demands.

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An App That Inspires The Industry

Crafting an app that leads the industry isn’t just about innovation; it’s about creating a journey that others aspire to follow. It’s where forward-thinking design meets intuitive functionality, setting a new standard for what apps can achieve. This is about making waves in the tech world, designing an app that not only meets today’s needs but also shapes tomorrow’s trends.

As your audience evolves, so does your app. The beauty of Platfio’s custom app development lies in its inherent flexibility—ready to pivot and adapt to new user trends and feedback.

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App Features To Skyrocket Marketing!

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Streamline efficiency with our app's advanced Automation builder, enhancing workflows seamlessly.

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Revolutionise scheduling with our Booking system, ensuring seamless appointment setups.

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Enrich engagement with dynamic Content, offering compelling and accessible material.

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Elevate interactions with interactive Counters, make your customer journey more fun, engaging and personal.

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Transform customer relations with our seamless CRM, optimising data management and communication.

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Unlock actionable insights with our Data tools, simplifying complex analysis and dashboard creation.

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Accelerate sales with our built-in eCommerce, facilitating immediate and satisfying transactions.

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Simplify data collection with our robust Forms system, streamlining essential information gathering.

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Enhance functionality with seamless API Integrations, supporting a wide range of services.

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Revitalise your strategy with our Marketing tools, designed for impactful engagement and outreach.

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Unleash creativity with limitless custom Pages, enhancing user satisfaction and app convenience.

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Boost brand presence with easy Subscription management, encouraging recurring revenue effortlessly.

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Marketing Beyond Just

Word of Mouth

Discover the surprising perks of creating your app with Platfio! Bring your brand straight to your customers’ fingertips. Picture the impact of weaving together push notifications, email, and SMS into tailor-made, testable autoresponders. This strategy doesn’t just simplify your CRM segmentation for upcoming campaigns; it also boosts your sales more reliably and effectively.

Custom vs Off The Shelf App Builds

Custom Build

  • Designed just for you
  • Easily adaptable and scalable
  • Full ownership and control
  • Efficient in long-term costs
  • Customisable to future needs
  • Pay only for what you need

Off The Shelf

  • Immediate implementation
  • Lower upfront investment
  • Pre-validated market features
  • Minimal time and effort required

Ready To Take The First Step Towards Your Fitness & Gym App?

Ready to elevate your gym and connect with fitness enthusiasts everywhere? Partner with us for dynamic, user-centric gym and fitness apps designed to engage and inspire.

R&D Tax Incentive

We thrive on collaborating with forward-thinking companies. By crafting your app entirely within Australia, you could be eligible for a 42.5% R&D tax incentive, courtesy of the Australian government. This partnership not only fuels innovation but also offers significant financial advantages.

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Australian-Based Support & Satisfaction Guarantee

Experience dedicated support from our Melbourne-based team, alongside our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your gym’s success is our priority.

What Our Clients Say



“I love how easy our app is to use. I have my most junior staff member handle the whole app, it’s that easy.”

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Sam Dwyer,

Owner, Dwyer’s Boxing Club

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Our App Development? Process

From Idea to Launch: A Streamlined Journey Tailored for Your Success.


Choose Your App

Select your app template after clicking ‘Get Started’ and provide necessary details for your business template.


Development Phase

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted content of a page when looking at its.


Beta Testing

Your team tests the app, offering feedback for any required refinements.

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Your feedback is integrated, fine-tuning the app to meet your specifications.


Launch Ready

With the app perfected, we provide marketing materials for your launch campaign.


App Handover

Receive video guides and credentials for app management, equipping your team for success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the key elements that determine the investment required for building a bespoke app, including features, platform choice, and development complexity

Learn about the typical development process timeline, from initial concept to launch, and what factors can affect these timeframes.

Understand the measures we put in place, including NDAs and secure development practices, to safeguard your innovative app concept.

Find out how we cater to both platforms, ensuring your app reaches the widest possible audience without compromising on quality or performance.

Explore various revenue models and strategies we recommend to turn your app into a profitable venture.

Get insights into the essentials you need to have ready, such as your business goals, user personas, and any initial design ideas, to kickstart the development process smoothly.

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