A Fully Featured CRM in your App

Elevate your business’s presence with custom-built, cutting-edge mobile apps. From seamless customer data management to enhanced efficiency, Platfio App Development empowers you to redefine convenience and elevate customer satisfaction.

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Data You Own the Data

All In One

The CRM included in your app is fully featured and powerful. Plus it just works out of the box! 

As your customers interact with your app their data is seamlessly added in to your Apps CRM.

Detailed User Records

Keep track of valuable information about your customers. With Detailed User Records, you can analyze user profile data, login history, purchase history, app usage data, and communication preferences to identify patterns, trends, and opportunities to improve user engagement, retention, and much more with Platfio App Development.

Relationship Notes and Staff Tasks

Easily identify areas for improvement in your team’s workflow and overall user support. 

With Relationship Notes and Staff Tasks, you can track important customer preferences and details, allow your team to assign and track user-specific tasks, and much more with Platfio App Development.

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Unparalleled Data

Your app tracks everything your customers do. What content they interact with, how long they interact, how often the return and much more. Meaning your sales team has an unbelievable amount of insight into what interests each customer. Serve your customers better using this data which is collected automatically into your apps CRM.

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Manage Relationships Efficiently!

Streamline customer interactions and track leads seamlessly with our intuitive CRM app, empowering you to nurture and grow your business relationships.

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