Better Data Produces More Sales

The world now runs on data! You are already collecting data on your customers, even if you don’t know it. Social media, website analytics and CRM are just a few examples. When you build your app with Platfio App Development, your app will collect more actionable data and produce dashboards.

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Data Extensive amount of Data Collected

Extensive amount of Data Collected

Give your recurring customers the most convenient shopping experience with a custom app! 

Your App sits on your customer’s home screens, remembers their login details and has their payment information saved and ready to repurchase.

You Own the Data

Efficiently manage orders, track the status of each order, and fulfill them seamlessly using a single platform. 

Update customers using push notifications at any step along the way. Apps are simpler for customers and staff alike with Platfio App Development.

Data You Own the Data
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Export at Any Time for Further Analysis

Easily track inventory levels and display product availability to customers. Your app automatically manages inventory for staff and customers alike. Including restocking notifications for customers to increase sales with Platfio App Development.

Seamless Integrations

With Platfio it’s easy to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your data by syncing or integrating it with other applications. By connecting and transferring data between different platforms, you can streamline your workflows and reduce data entry errors.

Unleash Data Insights!

Harness the power of data analytics to gain valuable insights, driving informed decisions and optimizing your app’s performance for success.

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