Increase Engagement with Interactive Counters

When you build your app with Platfio you wont need endless plugins to build engaging experiences for your customers. Out of the box counters allow you to build engagement in so many ways.

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Counters Inspired Wellbeing home page Android
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Loyalty Programs

Make your customers feel appreciated, increase customer retention and build brand loyalty by implementing a loyalty program in your app. 

Your new Platfio app allows customers to accumulate loyalty points when the purchase then spend those points to earn discounts.

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Status Programs

Make your customers feel special. Increase customer retention by providing status credits for user purchases or interactions. 

Offer exclusive discounts and programs to your most important customers. The biggest airlines and hotel chains in the world do this for a reason! Now you can too.

Counters Vita Badges
Counters Soul Pilates Class Passes
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Prepaid or Gift Passes

Increase engagement and conversion rates. With prepaid or gift passes, recipients can try out your app’s features and become familiar with its value. 

You can enhance user experience while building loyalty, driving revenue, increasing customer acquisition, and much more with Platfio App Development.

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Encourage healthy competition and motivate your users to strive for higher scores or milestones. 

By incorporating leader boards into your app, you can create a more immersive and rewarding user experience, increase user engagement and retention, and much more.

Counters Dwyers Boxing Monthly Challenge

Seamless Integrations

Your app does everything you need for Counters, but if you rely on multiple systems, that’s no problem. Your app can integrate into any other system you use to improve efficiency, avoid double handling or potential manual errors.

Count with Confidence!

Gamify user experience by integrating interactive counters, encouraging participation and creating an immersive environment within your app.

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