Powerful App Automations to Increase Efficiency

When you build your app with Platfio automations aren’t difficult or expensive to build. You can add or edit them yourself using our powerful automation builder. Better yet they integrate with anything meaning your options are unlimited.

Automation Power Automations

Automate With Workflows

Use workflows to automate tasks such as onboarding new users, processing payments, or sending notifications. Create and customize workflows based on your specific needs and goals to improve efficiency, reduce errors, free up time for strategic activities, and much more.

Automation Order Received
Automation Booking Cancelled
Automation Booking Received
Automation Subscription Written
Form Received
Automation Counter Added
Automation User Created
Automation Data Imported
Automation Task Completed
Automation User Segmented
Automation Vita

Workflow Actions

Workflows are powerful. They allow you to automate virtually anything within your business. Once a workflow is triggered each step is referred to as an action. Platfio supports a vast array of actions out of the box.

Send Push Notifications

Send Email

Add user to segment

Add to counter

Trigger webhook

Update data

Send SMS

Schedule crm task

Smart Workflows

Workflows allow you to create smart logic including conditional steps, stop workflow triggers and follower workflows on completion. These produce more seamless and engaging experiences for customers.

Automation Step 1
Automation Step 2a
Automation Step 3
Automation Arrow icon
Automation Cycle icon
Automation Arrow icon
Automation Step 2a
Automation Arrow icon
Automation Step 4
Automation Step 5
Automation Step 1
Automation Arrow icon
Automation Step 3
Automation X icon
Automation Arrow icon

Professional tip. Make your workflows even smarter with code. Custom microservices can be used to trigger workflows and workflows can be used to trigger custom microservices. Think of the Platfio App Development possibilities.

Automation Soul Yoga iOS
Automation Soul Yoga Android

Workflows Integrate into Other Services

Let automation help drive your business to success. By integrating workflows with other services, you can automate complex tasks that involve multiple systems, like creating a workflow that automatically adds new users to your email marketing list, sends them a welcome email, adds them to a specific user group in your app, and much more with Platfio App Development.

Automate with Ease!

Effortlessly streamline tasks and workflows within your app using our intuitive automation tools, saving time and increasing productivity.

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