Collect Data Easier with Seamless Forms

Out of the box your app contains a powerful forms system. Using this system you can gather virtually any data you need from your customers in the most seamless way possible with Platfio App Development.

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Forms Submittable Forms

Perfect for Medical Inductions, Enquiry Forms and Onboarding Documents

Submittable Forms

No more dealing with the hassle of manual data entry and welcome the ease of submittable forms. Your app includes a digital platform where your customers, patients, or employees can effortlessly submit important information and much more with Platfio App Development.

Perfect for engaging customers. eg. A Gratitude Diary, Calorie Logs and Expense Tracking

Tool Forms

Uncover valuable insights into your customers’ preferences, needs, and experiences. Your app includes tool forms where your customers can enter and track their experiences, answer survey questions, upload files, and much more with Platfio App Development.

Perfect for creating databases. Eg. Rooms in a Coworking space, Library of Recommended Exercises

Object Forms

Streamline your database management and organisation. With the use of object forms, your app can be used by multiple users to create, update, or view a comprehensive database, organise your data into discrete units and much more with Platfio App Development.

Form POS System

If you still need to collect data over the counter or on the phone, you can do this using your app’s built-in POS (Point of Sale) system. This way you can manage all of your forms and customer data in one place with Platfio App Development.

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Seamless Integrations

Your app does everything you need for ECommerce, but if you rely on multiple systems, that’s no problem. Your app can integrate into any other system you use to improve efficiency, avoid double handling or potential manual errors.

Empower Data Collection

Collect valuable insights and feedback seamlessly with our versatile form creation tools, empowering you to make informed decisions for your app.

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