A Holistic Suite of Marketing Tools

Apps are the only way to send push notifications as part of your marketing strategy. But an app from Platfio can do much more than just push notifications. for your marketing strategy.

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Push Notifications

Promote new features or products directly with your customers. With push notifications, you can ensure that customers receive targeted, relevant, and personalized information, offer exclusive deals and discounts based on user activity, re-engage with inactive users, and much more.


Utilize emails as a powerful marketing tool. Through strategic email campaigns, you can effectively communicate with your users, increase customer engagement and satisfaction, establish lasting relationships and connections, and much more.

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Increase engagement and conversion rates. With prepaid or gift passes, recipients can try out your app’s features and become familiar with its value. You can enhance user experience while building loyalty, driving revenue, increasing customer acquisition, and much more.

Extensive User Segmentation

Encourage healthy competition and motivate your users to strive for higher scores or milestones. By incorporating leaderboards into your app, you can create a more immersive and rewarding user experience, increase user engagement and retention, and much more.

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Intelligent Autoresponders

Save time while increasing customer engagement by automating your responses, reminders, sales and marketing process. With intelligent autoresponders, you can automate actions that are triggered by user behavior, preferences, or interests to deliver personalized content to each user and much more.

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Boost Your Visibility!

Increase your app’s visibility and reach your target audience effectively through strategic marketing tools tailored to your unique goals and user demographics.

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