Royal Boxing and Fitness App

Royal Boxing and Fitness stands as a fitness haven focused on families and youngsters aiming to enhance their well-being and self-assurance. All members are background checked, ensuring a secure setting for everyone to engage in training and wellness pursuits.


App Story

Royal Boxing and Fitness, a fitness gym in Adelaide, is run by the husband and wife duo, Matt and Beck.

Their journey began as a passion project and soon blossomed into a successful boxing gym.

Their commitment to both staff and clients led them to work with Platfio to develop their app.

This app plays a crucial role in streamlining subscription billing, making life easier for both their dedicated staff and loyal users.


Developing a Custom App

With the app, members can easily reserve classes and personal training sessions through their smartphones or computers, adding a dash of extra convenience and flexibility to their lives.

The app simplifies the process of initiating, pausing, or ending membership payments, creating a sense of ease for customers and taking some weight off the business’s administrative load.

Furthermore, the app serves as a hub for keeping tabs on client advancements, keeping an eye on performance stats, and storing essential client information. This helps the business to deliver tailor-made training and assistance, which matches perfectly with each member’s individual requirements, preferences, and aspirations


What did we build?

The following features were delivered in the Royal Boxing and Fitness app.


This allows clients to schedule classes at their preferred times while affording the business an automated booking system, thereby enhancing effectiveness and lessening the requirement for manual scheduling. This encompasses sophisticated cancellation management capabilities.


Customers make recurring payments to enjoy a variety of offerings, including classes, training sessions, or one-on-one guidance, all for a designated duration. This structure grants members an all-encompassing and adaptable fitness experience, while providing the business a consistent income flow and heightened involvement from its members.

Medical Inductions

Customers complete a form to provide details regarding their medical background, health circumstances, and physical constraints. This helps in evaluating their overall health and fitness status, allowing for suitable guidance and suggestions tailored to their training and support requirements.

Push Notifications

These messages are sent to users’ mobile devices to provide them with updates and insights concerning their fitness. They function as alerts and reminders for upcoming classes, make adjustments to schedules, endorse special events and offers, offer workout tips, and deliver personalized progress updates.


What did Royal Boxing and Fitness Achieve?

The Royal Boxing and Fitness app was delivered in less than 1 week. On-time and under budget.

The app is managed by the trainers, alleviating administrative burden on the business.

The business revenue grew 80+ % p.a for multiple years after the app’s launch. We can’t take credit for that, but we like to think Platfio played a part.

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