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Cunningham and Harvey is an accounting firm with offices in Whyalla and Gawler. Their experienced team works across multiple industries and clients groups.

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App Story

Nikki Everett is a partner at Cunningham and Harvey. She approached Platfio with a unique problem in 2020.

Cunningham and Harvey had encouraged all of their customers to use the ATO’s app for deductible expense tracking. After many clients had tracked their expenses for a full financial year, the ATO’s automated retargeting encouraged them to lodge their tax returns themselves.

This had the potential to result in the clients not returning to Cunningham and Harvey and instead lodging themselves, missing out on many deductions the Cunningham and Havey team could advise on. The initial Cunningham and Harvey app was developed to re-engage these customers from the ATO.

This is a classic example of why it is necessary to own the customer.

Over time the CH team identified a number of repetitive processes that were taking up a significant amount of administration time. In particular manual sending of appointment reminders.


Developing a Custom App

Owning the customer isn’t a dirty word. In business, it’s not advisable to let other parties come between you and your customers. Be it the ATO, Facebook or anyone else. An app puts you directly in touch with your customers. You own the data, you reach the customers whenever you need.

Any opportunity to save administrative time, reduce manual handling and circumvent errors is welcome in business. An app can implement many of these automations.


What did we build?

The following features were delivered in the CH Accountants app.

Expense Tracking Tool

The expense tracking tool was used to reclaim customers and offer a superior experience for individuals tracking their deductible expenses.

Driving Tracking Tool

The driving tracking tool adds even more value to customers. Particularly when combined with the analysis and data export features.


The app’s inbuilt CRM builds an extremely useful database of information about customers.

SMS Automation

Sending automated SMS reminders for bookings is a major productivity enhancer for most companies, reducing no-shows in the process.


What did CH Accountants Achieve?

The Cunningham and Harvey app was delivered on time and under budget.

The app was continually expanded to address opportunities and increase efficiency.

Customer engagement using tools and content was inherent to the app’s design.

The app can be easily managed by the Cunningham and Harvey team.

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