Sims Movement App

A local business that offers fitness, yoga, mat Pilates, and reformer Pilates classes. They are very passionate about what classes they offer, which is a community of people coming together to improve physical and mental wellbeing.


App Story

Tara started her business by offering training sessions in local parks. As her business grew, she made strategic transitions, moving from parks to rented spaces tailored for specific classes. Eventually, her dream of having her own dedicated space or shopfront became a reality.

Along this journey, Tara encountered a new challenge: the need for an efficient system to manage classes, orders, pass cards, and promotional activities for her booking releases. This is when she decided to work with Platfio, a platform that offered the solutions she needed without breaking the bank.

With a commitment to delivering top-notch services to her clients, she realized that implementing an effective system was key to her business’s continued success. She continually evolves her business to meet the needs of her expanding clientele with the support of Platfio’s versatile tools.


Developing a Custom App

Through the app, users can reserve their classes and personal training sessions via their smartphones or computers. This nifty feature brings them a lot of ease and flexibility.

The app also presents clients with a way to sell products online. This allows shoppers to easily buy products straight from the app, enhancing the buying experience with added convenience and ease. Additionally, it simplifies the handling of payments and inventory levels, bringing a smoother and more straightforward approach to payment management.

Additionally, the app serves as a remarkable platform for tracking the user’s performance statistics and storing essential client information. This helps the business provide personalized training and support to users based on their distinct requirements, preferences, and goals.


What did we build?

The following features were delivered in the Sims Movement app.


This feature allows users to effortlessly reserve classes according to their schedules, while also providing the business with an automated booking system. This increases efficiency and minimizes the need for hands-on scheduling efforts, as well as allows users to have options for cancellation management.


Generates extra income and establishes a fresh source of revenue. Moreover, incorporating product orders within the app can simplify the buying procedure and lighten the load on the team, as users can swiftly and conveniently buy items without the need to visit the store or physical locations.


Clients pay a regular fee to access a range of services, such as classes, training programs, or personalized coaching, for a set period. This provides clients with a more comprehensive and flexible fitness experience while providing the business with a predictable revenue stream and increased customer engagement.

Push Notifications

These messages get sent to users’ phones, delivering updates and insights about their fitness journey. They also work as alerts for upcoming classes and schedule changes, promote special events and exclusive deals, present workout suggestions, and deliver personalized progress updates.


What did Sims Movement Achieve?

The Sims Movement app was delivered in less than 1 week. On-time and under budget.

Sims Movement staff have been able to manage and customize the app themselves using the simple controls.

The app has grown and adapted with them as they added new product categories, subscription packages, and more.

In the spirit of this, Sims Movement is still building new features. In particular, a series of reformer and mat pilates exercises which work with their products and services. So keep an eye out for that.

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