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Soul Pilates is a studio based in New South Wales. They use their custom app to effectively manage the studio and make interacting with the business seamless for customers.

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Julie came to Platfio frustrated and exasperated. She had been working with a major gym/clinic software vendor. She had experienced so many issues and such poor support they had agreed to allow her to leave and provided her with compensation for the business they had cost her.

She was thrilled to be free of this major software provider but desperately needed a new solution with more reliability and better support. She knew what features she needed, but was more concerned about reliability and support given her previous experience.

At this time she was introduced to Platfio by another studio for whom they were currently building an app.


Developing a Custom App

Soul Pilates Studio was in need of a system that actually delivered what they said they were going to deliver.

Soul also needed to be assured that they would have access to responsive support that would actually fix issues and respond to feedback.


What did we build?

Class Bookings

Lists all of the classes that are offered at the studio, as well as the time and date of each class. Customers would be able to select the class that they want to book and then enter their contact information and payment information.

Class Passes

Allows customers to purchase packages or bundles of classes conveniently and securely. These passes can be easily managed within the app, enabling clients to track their remaining classes, schedule bookings, and receive notifications when their pass is about to expire.


The app can showcase a variety of products, such as clothing, accessories, and equipment related to Pilates. Customers can easily view product descriptions, select sizes or variations, and make secure purchases directly through the app. This feature enhances the studio’s brand visibility, offers an additional revenue stream, and provides a seamless shopping experience for clients.

Push Notifications

Ensures that users receive tailored and relevant updates directly to their device. The feature delivers notifications about massage recommendations, product suggestions, and special promotions by analyzing user preferences, behavior, and interests.


What did Soul Pilates Achieve?

The Soul Pilates Studio app was delivered in less than 1 week. On-time and under budget.

Julie and the team at Soul receive the support that they need when they need it. They receive support via chat, phone, and video. When they ask for support someone actually fixes their problem.

In fact, Julie has become one of the top feedback contributors for all of Platfio’s health and fitness apps.

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