Your Key Advocacy App

Your Key Advocacy takes the confusion, fear, and frustration out of buying property. Based in Melbourne, when we met them, the company was only 18 months old and already had a long list of happy clients and property purchase disasters averted.


App Story

As a company, Your Key Advocacy started strong with a seamless marketing message and an extensive network. The company excels in all areas of buyer’s advocacy but had begun to specialize in; inner Melbourne apartments and townhouses, first homeowners, and the LGBTQI+ community.

In order to continue their growth, they began looking for tools that could help them stand out and extend their marketing message.

The founder, Ben Mitchell, came across Platfio! A solution that could deliver an app that would have previously cost $100k+ for less than 1/10th of that amount.


Developing a Custom App

An app could help them get more out of the content they already produce by increasing engagement with their ebooks and property checklists by presenting them as engaging tools in an app.

These tools produce leads that can be seamlessly converted using useful data regarding the customer’s needs.

An app provides an unparalleled opportunity for marketing. Putting the brand on the customer’s home screen, then combining push, email, and SMS is powerful.

As Your Key Advocacy continued to grow they got an increasing amount of use out of the apps CRM system managing the leads that are coming in.


What did we build?

The following features were delivered in the Your Key Advocacy app.

Property Checklist

This customizable feature helps clients keep track of important details about the properties they are interested in. The buyer’s advocate can review the checklist to provide more personalized recommendations and advice.

Buyer’s Guide

This document or section contains step-by-step tips and best practices for potential or existing buyers.

New Client Enquiry

Another section for potential buyers wanting free reviews of their top 5 properties. They just need to fill out a form and book a discovery call with the buyer’s advocate and the team.

Push Notifications

These notifications are messages that can be personalized based on the user’s preferences and interests and may include alerts for new property listings, price drops, or changes in the market that could affect the user’s search.


What did Your Key Advocacy Achieve?

Platfio delivered the Your Key Advocacy app (live to the Appstore and Playstore) on time and under budget.

The app is unlike anything available on the market from buyers’ advocates. Meaning the YKA team can make a splash and stand out in their marketing.

The Buyers Guide (which was previously only a PDF ebook) is so much more engaging in an app with progress tracking for users.

Similarly, the property checklist and analysis feature both educates and highlights serious issues in a more seamless format.

The app gathers extremely useful customer data which is useful in sales and operations to make sure the client’s fears and concerns are addressed.

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