Your Hypno Coach App

Your Hypno Coach is a hypnotherapy clinic that recognizes the profound impact a cluttered mind can have on individuals. They specialize in providing mental clarity and holistic healing for those grappling with confusion, indecision, and diminished wellness due to unwanted habits and phobias.

The clinic’s approach is centered on cultivating a positive outlook and providing a cost-effective, non-addictive, and safe alternative to medication for anxiety-based conditions. Their services are flexible, available both in-person and within the comfort of your own home.


App Story

Alison is a respected hypnotherapist whose journey began with a transformative hypnobirthing CD that helped her with the discomfort and uncertainty during her first pregnancy.

Guided by her personal experience, Alison expanded her practice to assist clients across various aspects of their lives. As her clientele grew, so did the administrative challenges of managing her business. Seeking a solution, Alison collaborated with Platfio to create a customized app tailored to her growing business.


Developing a Custom App

The Your Hypno Coach app provides users with convenient online scheduling and efficient appointment management. It also sends reminder alerts to notify users of upcoming schedules.

Users can securely send medical information before their therapy sessions, contributing to improved services, personalized therapy approaches, and more effective outcome tracking.

Moreover, the Your Hypno Coach app offers users access to a diverse range of helpful resources, such as articles, videos, and worksheets, providing ongoing support and motivation throughout their hypnotherapy journey.


What did we build?


This allows clients to schedule appointments at their convenience, offering the business an automated booking system that boosts efficiency and minimizes the reliance on manual scheduling. The system also incorporates nuanced cancellation controls for added flexibility.

Medical Inductions

Clients complete a form to provide details about their medical history, health conditions, and physical limitations. This information is used to evaluate the client’s health and fitness level, enabling the provision of tailored recommendations and support for their therapy.

Videos and Learning Resources

Serves as an extensive resource library that educates, supports, inspires, and empowers clients on their path toward enhanced mental health and overall well-being.

Support System

Enables convenient, secure, and prompt communication between clients and the counseling team, ensuring a reliable avenue for clients to seek assistance, gather information, and receive support that aligns with their preferences and needs.


What did Your Hypno Coach Achieve?

The Your Hypno Coach app was successfully launched within the scheduled timeframe and budget.

The Bookings feature enables easy scheduling and sends appointment reminders, reducing manual errors and preventing no-shows and double bookings.

The Medical Inductions feature effectively tackled the challenge of gathering client data and analytics. It enhances the collection of client information, tracks session progress, and analyzes data to gain valuable insights into client demographics and preferences.

Clients can also access a variety of helpful resources, such as articles, videos, and worksheets, directly through the app, improving their overall experience.

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