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Broadstone Business Centre is a coworking facility in Dorset, UK. It provides a home to many small to medium-sized companies in the local community.

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App Story

Ross Gerring moved his family back to the United Kingdom in 2022 after many years of living abroad in Australia.

He assumed control of the family business, Broadstone Business Centre, and quickly set about revamping their online presence.

In particular, his goal was to increase occupancy rates by improving the ‘list’ of customers and prospective customers.

He also wanted to add value to the businesses that use the facility by listing their names in an app-based directory. Providing networking and referral opportunities.


Developing a Custom App

Business centres have various shared facilities like meeting rooms, conference halls, and coworking spaces. An app can simplify the process of booking and managing these resources, allowing users to check availability, reserve spaces, and receive notifications or reminders.

An app can be integrated with a chat support feature within the app to provide assistance to tenants and users. This feature allows users to connect with the business centre’s staff, addressing inquiries, providing guidance, and resolving issues promptly.

An app can streamline and centralize user profiles for tenants and individuals associated with the business centre. Users can easily manage their information, preferences, and access permissions in one place by providing a dedicated profile section within the app. They can update their contact details, view and modify their leasing agreements, and customize their profile settings based on their specific needs.

Keep tenants informed about important updates, announcements, and news related to the business centre through push notifications or an in-app newsfeed. This can include notifications about maintenance schedules, upcoming events, policy changes, or general centre-related information.


What did we build?

The following features were delivered in the Broadstone Business Centre app.

Support and Enquiry System

Serves as a direct line of communication for tenants and users to raise queries and seek assistance. This feature enables a streamlined and efficient process for addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and accommodating space adjustments.

Room and Tenant Database

Helps track usage patterns and optimize the space for maximum efficiency and raise awareness of the coworking space and its tenants, which can, in turn, attract new customers and improve the overall reputation of the space.

Push Notifications

Ensures that users receive important updates, announcements, and reminders directly to their devices. The feature provides timely and relevant information and ensures that users stay informed about events, maintenance schedules, policy changes, and other essential information.

Email Marketing

With an integration into Sendgrid the Broadstone Business Centre app can send both transactional and marketing emails with ease.


What did Broadstone Business Centre Achieve?

The Broadstone Business Center app was delivered in less than 1 week. On-time and under budget.

In fact, it took longer to enter the data than it took to build the app.

Ross has a background in software development. In particular, he has led multiple $100k + Flutter builds. Accordingly, he was surprised with how quickly and affordably the functionality could be developed for Broadstone’s app.

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