BMRK is a distinguished consultant agency with a team of recruitment experts committed to elevating your organization through the strategic assembly of high-performing teams.

Specializing in sourcing, assessing, and attracting top-tier candidates, BMRK employs an innovative approach coupled with profound industry knowledge to guarantee a seamless match for your unique organizational needs.


App Story

Ben is a dynamic entrepreneur reshaping the landscape of the education recruitment industry with BMRK. Fueled by a vision to revolutionize the market, Ben sought to combine the personal approach with his team with cutting-edge custom technology.

Frustrated with the clunky, complicated, and expensive existing solutions in his industry, he turned to Platfio for a transformative answer.


Developing a Custom App

In less than two weeks, we built an affordable solution that allows BMRK’s team to effortlessly post available shifts for teachers and enables teachers to manage their timesheets seamlessly.

The result is a powerful combination of personalized service and user-friendly technology that makes BMRK stand out in a competitive field.


What did we build?


Provide users with a user-friendly and easily accessible platform designed to streamline the time-tracking process. This allows users to efficiently and precisely manage and adjust their work hours.


An easily navigable portal that simplifies the onboarding and inquiry process, facilitating a smooth and secure way for new users to easily submit crucial documents when joining the BMRK community.

Learning and Resources

Functions as a valuable repository, giving informative content to educate, support, and inspire users to enhance their time management and productivity.

Push Notifications

These messages are sent to users’ smartphones, delivering important updates and announcements. They provide personalized progress reports, issue alerts for impending changes, and act as reminders for shifts and other commitments.


What did BMRK Achieve?

The BMRK app achieved a successful launch, within the planned schedule and the allocated budget.

The timesheet feature has significantly enhanced time tracking, allowing users to easily track and manage their work hours. This eliminates the need for cumbersome and complicated spreadsheets used in manual tracking processes.

Our user-friendly forms feature streamlines the onboarding process, enabling users to submit important information securely. This ensures a convenient and safe method for BMRK to gather necessary documents and data.

The learning feature provides users with essential information for reference, enhancing their overall experience with the app and facilitating a better understanding of BMRK processes.

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