Custom App Development Unlimited Potential

If your ideas don’t fit into one of our industry app templates, that’s no problem! Platfio is scalable and powerful, your imagination is your only limitation! If you need an extra edge over your competition, our platform app development builds ensure your App has all the unique features and integrations you envision….. fast!

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How It Works?

How does it make sense to build every app from scratch? It’s slow, expensive and commits you to a lifetime of maintenance. Now there is a better way! Platfio builds your app on-top of our powerful app development platform. Resulting in massive cost savings, faster time to market and reduced risk.

Do we have a starter template for your business?

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If your business is in a common industry we have prepared a extensive portfolio of starter templates which make your app even more affordable. If we don’t have starter templates for your business (or if you are looking to create something very special) Platform builds allow us to harness the full power of Platfio. If possible, before looking into Platform builds we recommend checking out our extensive list of starter templates.

Powerful Features

Platfios powerful core features kick start your app. Out of the box your app can already do so much, making it quick to get up and running and test the market.

Platform Builds Integrations

Unlimited Integrations

Platfio has a powerful low-code/no-code system for implementing integrations so its possible to implement any external service you need into your app.

The Platfio Difference

Massive Savings

Using Platfio results in massive financial savings compared to building your app from scratch. Often over 80% on the build and more than 95% on maintenance.                                                  



Launch Faster

Platfio Platform builds generally get your app to customers 50% faster than a traditional build. Meaning you’re testing the market, iterating on your idea and beating your competitors faster.

Lower Risk

It’s extremely difficult to estimate the cost of traditionally built apps. Thats why most developers only give you estimates. But these estimates can easily blow out ! With Platfio our system is so predictable and robust we can offer fixed prices and delivery milestones.

Infinite Posibilities

How do we do it? How can we make apps with infinite possibilities so affordable? Despite the fact that our low-code tools are extremely powerful, we recognise that they cant do everything. So we can write HTML, CSS and Javascript directly it your app. Making the possibilities limitless.

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Create Your Custom App in 6 Simple Steps

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Step 1: Discovery

Enquire today for a free 30minute discovery call. We will determine the suitability of your app for Platfio and gather the information we need to create a proposal.

step 2

Step 2: Proposal

We will provide you with a comprehensive proposal on the development of your app. We can provide fixed prices and delivery milestone.

step 3

Step 3: Development

If you accept our propsoal, we will immediately start development. 100% onshore here in Australia.

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Step 4: Testing

Internally our team will first conduct a round of alpha testing on your app. Then your team will be invited to participate in a round of beta testing from which you can provide feedback on the app.

step 5

Step 5: Launch

Once your feedback has been implemented and the app is complete, we recommend starting with a soft launch. Then scaling as you learn more about your users.

step 6

Step 6: Support

We provide ongoing chat, video and live support regarding your app depending on your maintenance plan. We also regularly update your app to keep it compliant with app and googles policies.


R&D Tax Incentive

We enjoy teaming up with innovative companies. Because we build your app 100% in Australia, you may qualify for a 42.5% R&D tax incentive from the Aussie government.

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Done for you, our platform builds start at $2,475. This normally represents up to an 80% saving on building the app using traditional development techniques.

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All plans include hosting, support and appstore / playstore compliance updates. For platform builds these start at $199/mo. We also have plans which support more users and features, help you market and iterate on your app after it launches running up to $999/mo.

*Platfio platform builds are subject to availability and the suitability of your project. Contact us to discuss your project and we will prepare a proposal.

Learn More

If you’re ready to get a powerful, custom app for your business, book a demo with our team today. We’ll look over your app project and talk you through how Platfio can get it done quicker and cheaper.