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Your App to Fit Your Unique Needs

We tailor the apps to fit your business requirements.



Integrate with Anything

Your app can integrate with other systems seamlessly.



Security and Privacy Under Control

We maintain privacy and security for your business protection.



Automate for Improvement Efficency

Your app can help automate business processes to save your time.

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Build and Engine for sales growth

Your app helps improve marketing for your business growth.



Latest Features and Optimisations

We regularly update your app, ensuring it stays ahead with the latest features for an ever-improving user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Low-code and no-code are currently popular terms in the software industry. So which of these apply to Platfio’s app development platform? Low-code tools still require some knowledge of programming and coding. No-code tools allow you to utilize them without any coding skills. 

In app development, low code is far more capable of building more powerful functionality but has a much (much) steeper learning curve. No-code tools are very easy to get started with but often aren’t capable of much.  

So what is Platfio? Both! The No-Code tools in Platfio are extremely powerful, meaning more than 95% of the apps built with Platfio contain No-Code. That said, the Low-Code tools make apps developed with Platfio almost infinitely expandable.

Everyone has used a horrible cookie-cutter app at some point. Perhaps at a conference or their gym. An app that doesn’t really do much and looks terrible. Is this type of app development project possible with Platfio?

Absolutely not! Platfio is designed to be extremely powerful. Not just in the functionality it can implement out-of-the-box, but also the range of user interfaces (UI’s) and user experiences (UX’s) which can be created. Check out our case studies and feature pages to learn more.

Making it easy for anyone to maintain and update their app was one of the driving forces behind Platfio’s creation. You don’t need any technical expertise or special training to use Platfio; it’s designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. 

With Platfio, you have complete control over your app’s development and content. You can make changes and updates quickly and easily without relying on a software engineer. Platfio also takes care of all the technical aspects of app maintenance, including hosting, bug fixes, upgrades, and enhancements, all included in the standard subscription pricing at no extra cost.

There is no straightforward answer to this question. Platfio’s pre-built features and tools are very versatile (and getting more powerful every day). The combination of our ‘starter templates’ and ‘platform builds’ means for almost all traditional businesses (and many startups), Platfio is a very viable option for your app’s development.

That said, if your app development project is extremely complicated, a traditionally developed app and codebase may be necessary. In this case, you will likely need between $100,000 and $1,000,000 to get started. Furthermore, your app’s development is likely to take at least 25 weeks. During this time, you will assume significant risks including; the app not performing the way you intended and your budget blowing out many times over. Additionally, once the app is complete, you will require a dedicated infrastructure to support, iterate and maintain the app forever.

In contrast, using Platfio for your app development project will most likely result in a greater than 80% reduction in your build costs. A greater than 50% reduction in your time to market. As well as a greater than 95% reduction in your ongoing maintenance costs. Accordingly, it is a financial and logistical no-brainer if you can use Platfio for your app’s development.

With Platfio, app development is simple but flexible. Meaning you can use one of our Appstore and Playstore developer accounts, or you can have your own developer accounts. Either way, you don’t need to worry about the tedious process of submitting your apps to the App Store and Google Play. Our system will handle that for you.

With Platfio’s super starter templates, we can generally have your custom app development project up and running in less than 1 week.

For Platfio’s platform builds, your app development project can generally be completed in approximately half of the time if it would have taken using a traditionally coded build.

Check out our resources on template and platform builds to learn more about how the process works.

If you have looked at other app development platforms, you’ll quickly realize most of them can’t really do much! If you need bookings, subscriptions, forms, or e-commerce in your app, they just launch a web browser. If you need an engaging tool or learning experience, they just launch a web browser. If you need a CRM, they require you to build a clunky integration into Hubspot. If you need a POS system, you’re going to need another clunky integration. 

With Platfio, this isn’t the case! Out of the box, your app is capable of extremely powerful functionality. No plugins needed. No web browser pop-ups needed! Meaning the apps feel smooth and seamless for customers while remaining affordable and maintainable for your business.

App development isn’t something most business owners are familiar with, so of course, you will need support along the way. Platfio allows you to get support in whatever way you prefer. Either via your dedicated in-app support chat system, via recorded video exchanged via chat, or live phone support.

Every app development project built with Platfio also includes an extensive library of video lessons. Furthermore, we can create a custom training curriculum specifically for your staff on how to operate your Platfio app to increase the speed of implementation in your business.


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