Premier Quality Management Consultants stands as a premier authority in the realm of Management Consultancy and System Compliance services, catering specifically to small and medium businesses.

Renowned for its adept consultants, PQMC empowers clients with insightful information and meticulous analysis, enabling them to streamline operations, curtail costs, and enhance overall efficiency.


App Story

Siamak is an incredibly seasoned consultant and a driving force behind Premier Quality Management Consultants. Siamak’s journey with Platfio began through a longstanding friendship with one of our directors.

Faced with a critical challenge, Siamak approached Platfio when his team found themselves entangled in the chaos of managing timesheets. Excel sheets were far from an efficient solution, often resulting in forgotten entries and a general timekeeping mess.


Developing a Custom App

The PQMC app allows users to manage and monitor their time commitments easily. Through the app’s intuitive interface, users can seamlessly log and track their work hours.

With the app’s user-friendly interface, users can initiate, pause, or conclude their time entries effortlessly. This not only provides a seamless experience for users but also significantly reduces the administrative burden on PQMC.

With the PQMC app, users gain the convenience of monitoring their time allocation, tracking performance metrics, and logging essential details related to their tasks.


What did we build?

The following features were delivered in the PQMC app.


Offer users an intuitive and accessible platform to simplify the time-tracking process. This allows them to easily manage, and modify work hours with efficiency and precision.


A user-friendly gateway that simplifies the onboarding and inquiry processes, streamlining the path for new users to seamlessly and securely send important documents when joining the PQMC community.

Blogs and Resources

Serves as a valuable repository, providing insightful content to educate, support, inspire, and empower users in optimizing their time management and productivity.

Push Notifications

These messages are sent to users’ smartphones, providing them with important updates and announcements. They bring tailored reports on progress, deliver alerts for upcoming changes, and serve as a reminder for shifts and other commitments.


What did PQMC Achieve?

PQMC app successfully launched its app on schedule and within the allotted budget.

The timesheets feature greatly improved time tracking, enabling users to effortlessly log and manage their work hours, providing a valuable tool for efficient time management.

Our user-friendly forms feature facilitates a smooth onboarding process, allowing users to submit essential information, and ensuring a safe and easy way for PQMC to collect documents and data needed.

Additionally, the resources feature offers users essential materials and information for reference, further enriching their experience with the PQMC app and PQMC processes.

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