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Our Town is a federally funded mental health initiative for regional communities. Like many such initiatives it’s run by volunteers with limited resources. The information they distribute and events they run are critical to improving mental health in the communities they serve.


App Story

Erin and the team at Our Town Kimba are passionate about improving mental health in the region. That said, they need software systems that can help them achieve their goals.

Only two years ago Our Town had no Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Meaning it was virtually impossible to keep track of all the community members who had attended their events or reached out for help.

Similarly, they had no Event Management system. Meaning volunteers took event payments in cash and tracked bookings in a spreadsheet. This often produced inaccuracies, but worse yet it endlessly drained the time of volunteers.

Our Town was also looking for a way to conveniently serve the community and stand out. They wanted to stand out, not just amongst the community but amongst the global landscape of mental health providers and organizations.

Despite their limited budget they needed a solution. Whilst they did have a website it only currently displayed content about the group. It had no interactive content, payment system or booking system. Adding these to the website was prohibitively expensive.


Developing a Custom App

Improve communication within the community by providing a central platform for sharing updates, news, and events.Manage the event registration and payment process, sending reminders and notifications, and providing real-time updates during events

Streamline sign-ups and user profiles and provide accurate information seamlessly to Our Town staff about their stakeholder base.Community’s events, products, and services, which help drive engagement with possible clients and members and boost the community’s reach.


What did we build?

The following features were delivered in the Our Town app.

Marketing and CRM

Helps increase awareness and engagement for mental health issues and provides a platform for mental health charities to organize and promote events such as fundraising activities, mental health awareness campaigns, and support groups.

Bookings for Events

Provides users with a convenient and accessible way to sign-up in events related to mental health and conveniently browse and secure their spot in these events. This feature streamlines the registration process, promotes engagement, and allows individuals to actively participate in events

Wellbeing Resources

Offers a comprehensive directory of mental health-related groups and businesses. Users can easily find therapy services, support groups, wellness workshops, and more, tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

Push notifications

Ensures that users receive tailored and relevant updates directly to their device. This feature keeps users informed, engaged, and connected to the content that matters most to them, ultimately promoting their overall mental wellbeing.


What did Our Town Achieve?

Platfio delivered the Our Town app (live to the Appstore and Playstore) in less than two weeks.

At the following events booking was seamless. Customers could book themselves in and pay.

The automated systems in the app saved volunteers countless hours.

The app helped Our Town stand out. Given no organizations their size have a custom app.

The library of health resources is increasing the accessibility of support in the community

The app was delivered under budget and cheaper than adding these features to their website.

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