Dwyer's Boxing Club App

Dwyers Boxing Club is more than just a boxing club. In addition to their full boxing and fitness curriculum, their services include; boxing event promotions, online boxing instructionals, merchandise purchases, and a vibrant community.

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App Story

Sam Dwyer started his boxing club almost 5 years ago. When he started, the gym literally didn’t even have a ring. He rented a small shed in an industrial estate in regional South Australia and started training.

Sam had a background in amateur boxing and aspirations of boxing professionally (a dream which he has since achieved). He also had a strong mind for business working by day as an accountant and consultant. Accordingly, Dwyers Boxing Club was born.

When the gym began to attract its initial members Sam found the conventional ways of processing membership payments to be slow and cumbersome. Similarly, medical induction forms were equally painful to collect and store with no automated systems.

As classes began to fill up, managing capacities became an issue, and none of the off-the-shelf cookie-cutter systems seemed to work for him. All of these inefficient systems were beginning to take up an inordinate amount of time in the business.

Marketing was also becoming an issue. Sam had built a reasonable following for the gym on Facebook and Instagram. However, if he wanted to reach his followers, first they had to be on the app. Then he had to pay for an advertisement.

His solution to this problem was to build an email list. However, he found the delivery rates for the emails he sent were so low it just wasn’t worth it.

It was then he came across Platfio.


Developing a Custom App

The app allows clients to book classes and PT from their phones or computers, providing them with greater convenience and flexibility.

The app provides clients with a seamless way to start, pause and stop their membership payments. Making customers feel comfortable and reducing the administrative burden on the business.

The app provides a platform to track client progress, monitor performance metrics, and record client data. This allows the business to provide personalized training and support to clients based on their specific needs, preferences, and goals.


What did we build?

The following features were delivered in the Dwyer’s Boxing Club app.


This enables clients to book classes at their convenience and provides the business with an automated booking system, increasing efficiency and reducing the need for manual scheduling. Including nuanced cancellation controls.


Clients pay a regular fee to access a range of services, such as classes, training programs, or personalized coaching, for a set period. This provides clients with a more comprehensive and flexible fitness experience while providing the business with a predictable revenue stream and increased customer engagement.

Medical Inductions

Clients fill out a form to provide information about their medical history, health conditions, and physical limitations to assess the client’s health and fitness level and provide appropriate recommendations for their training and support.

Push Notifications

These are messages sent to users’ mobile devices to provide updates and information regarding their fitness journey. They serve as reminders for upcoming classes, communicate schedule changes, promote special events and promotions, offer workout tips, and deliver personalized progress updates.


What did Dwyer's Boxing Club Achieve?

The DBC application was delivered in less than 1 week. On-time and under budget.

The app is managed by the trainers, alleviating administrative burden on the business.

The business revenue grew 80+ % p.a for multiple years after the app’s launch. We can’t take credit for that, but we like to think Platfio played a part.

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