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Our super customer apps provide useful functionality and features out-of-the-box, saving you time and money. Each industries customer app is packed with industry leading features that have been tried and tested to produce increased customer engagement and retention in your industry.

Every app we build in Melbourne is a branded and  personalised app! That said, we offer a range of industry super apps for your industry to get you started even faster.

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Grow Your Business

Explore specific business customer apps below, each tailored with unique features and benefits for your industry.

Salon App
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Insurance Broker App
Gym Management App
Financial Planner App
eCommerce App
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Coaching App
Clinic App
Cafe App
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Why a Platfio customer App?

Powerful and Personal

Don’t let the word “template” fool you. Every app we build is personalised and branded, to suit your specific business needs and provide a foundation you can build your business on.

Save Time

Starter App templates allow you to get to market faster than you ever thought possible. All this without compromising on branding and quality.

Get Better Results

Our App templates deliver better results! They do this by combining all the features we know work for your industry. No guess work or experimentation necessary.

Always Improving

Our starter App templates, it automatically continue to get better. As we add features to that template, you have the ability to implement them into your app at any time.

Save Money

No need to reinvent the wheel. Instead capitalise on those who came before you using a App starter template that saves you money.

Avoid Cookie Cutter

Most apps gives you only little to no ability to personalised. With our industry Apps, you’ll get unique personalisation tailored to your business.


Get Your Customer App in 6 Simple Steps

step 1

Step 1: App Selection

Press get started and select the App template you need for your business. Then provide all of the information necessary for that App template.

step 3

Step 2: App Development

We will develop your app using the template you have selected and test it internally amongst our team to ensure it is working correctly.

step 6

Step 3: App Beta Testing

We will make your app available to you and your team for testing. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback which we will implement.

step 4

Step 4: App Launch

Once your feedback has been implemented youre ready to launch. We will provide you with screenshots you can use to launch and start maketing your app.

step 5

Step 5: App Handover

We will provide you with video instructions and login credentials so you and your team can begin managing the app.

step 2

Step 6: App Support

You can contact us anytime you have questions or would like to implement new features into your app.

Risk Free

We’re so confident that you’ll love your super industry app that we’re offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Enquire to learn more about our risk-free policy.